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Where you come 5 days a week so you can stare at girls asses in tight leggings and fail tests. And also by drugs!
I love going to school, it's like North Korea but without a sexy Asian fat dick leader!
by Buzzed Lightyear👅 May 09, 2017

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A big slut who gets horny, sends accidental videos//pictures to people, and whenever shes wrong she changes the subject and is the fakest person on the planet.
That Carrie Butterfuss girl is a slut.
by Quiotis February 02, 2019

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It’s like a deer only it’s queer
A queer can really relate to qeer
via giphy
by Dabb_ev April 10, 2019

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When you and a friend go over the facts that someone you know is obviously queer, such as mentions of attractiveness to the same sex.
Becky and Vanessa were queerviewing Bob's recent behavior.
by wreyeder January 11, 2018

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