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A young male of which is extremely religious but is at the same time, homosexual and enjoys the company of older men
Yo Matt don't you think that kid Jim is a bit of an altar boy?
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by ADHDPTSD November 13, 2016

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Someone that is gay
You’re so Absure. **roll eyes**
by MrQuackster191 March 02, 2019

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A guy who likes dick up his ass just for fun
That guy is a real Iordanov
by Coolman42145 April 12, 2017

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The biggest gay you'll ever meet.
Angoon es hoto
by No u 321 May 21, 2018

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Kyle martin is a stereotypical gay man he will try to touch you in magical places if you get to closes but he will not get close to a female he is really gay
Damn stop being a kyle martin all you do is try to touch me
by Yaboichodester69 May 23, 2018

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ksana is gay
by Ksanasgay December 04, 2017

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