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The American word for "Pommes Frites" - a Belgian side-dish consisting of deep-fried, finger-length pieces of potatoes, served hot and salted. Traditionally served to anything from Moule Marienere (clams) to Hamburgers.
Also known as chips in Britain and Australia, Pommes Strips, Belgian Fries, and more recently, Freedom Fries.
by Mefistofeles August 21, 2004
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A French Fry is Tall, blonde, beautiful, and salty, much like Emma
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by June 12, 2017
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one of many slangs in the south for XANEX due to its shape and sometimes color
"you got any french fry's", "want a french fry", " i just poped two french fry's"
by luis s June 26, 2007
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In the term french fries (notice it's not capitalized), "french" refers to the way they're cut, NOT the country of origin (which happens to be Belgium).
So, we can see how extremely dumb it was to rename "french fries" "freedom fries," especially due to the fact that "french" does not refer to the country.
by GWR Definition Agency March 23, 2007
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One of the two options one can take when making decisions, the other being pizza. Usually the right decision. Sometimes refers to the X and Triangle buttons on Sony PlayStation controllers.
"If you pizza when you're supposed to french fry, you're gonna have a bad time!"
by Black Dragon January 28, 2008
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Street slang for the perscription mood-elevator, Xanax (Alprazolam). Alprazolam is indicated for the management of anxiety disorder. While the drug is available in .25, .5, 1 and 2 mg doses, it's the 2 mg doses that earned this controlled substance the street name, "French Fries."
The 2 mg tablets are white with three slices (3 scores) in the side, and the number "2" on one side and "Xanax" on the other side. These score-marks give the tablets a resemblance to crinkle-cut french fries, and allow the tablets to be broken into 4 equal parts of 0.5 mg.
You lookin' tense, bro'. You need a couple'a french fries... help chill yo' ass out.
by Nurse Kitten April 28, 2005
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