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Short for militant leftists, or occasionally far leftists and radical leftists, often used as a generalization of people who commit to acts of violence against those on the Right side of the political spectrum
Antifa disrupted the right wing rally, we saw how antifa acted
by Plz am neutral August 20, 2017
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Fascist Anti-Fascists. They fight against "fascists" while being fascist themselves. They will destroy your property if you disagree with them.
Me: I like Trump
Antifa: Fascist! I'm going to beat you up and burn down your car!
by AdolfGinger May 07, 2017
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Angry white virgin college kids (and virginal middle-aged losers who live in their mom's basements) that have taken up the hobby of cowardly covering up their pimply faces and starting trouble wherever crowds may gather under the guise of "fighting fascism".
People who were bullied throughout middle school and now feel empowered by bullying long as they're surrounded by a horde of pals, that is.
"That Antifa chick had the worst B.O. i've ever smelled"
by Hillae August 21, 2017
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The purest form of contradiction, hypocrisy, and accidental irony; they are the modern day equivalent of nazis.
"hey I'm antifa, I'll pepper spray you for not conforming to my socialist/communist/anarchist ideology"
by skankhunt81 October 12, 2017
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A bunch of terrorist thugs that will cry and burn stuff down until they get their way, usually liberal snowflakes
Guy1: Did you see that Antifa riot last night

Guy2: Yeah, what a bunch of cunts
Guy1: At least civil war 2 will be easy
by Soldier of Eden September 20, 2017
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A bunch of bored trust fund kids who think anyone cares what they have to say .

Known to wear black clothes and flags. Usually will disappear when a new video game release occurs
Let's go antifa for a little while, I just beat the New Call of Duty and I'm bored
by E-Nuff2 June 19, 2017
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Anarchist/communist mob that professes to be anti-fascist, but whose tactics (which include violent confrontation and intimidation - especially against those who assemble peaceably) are manifestly fascist in nature
^ Like a typical fascist, an "anti-fascist" ANTIFA thug seeks to silence his political opponents through violence and mayhem
> Funny how that works, huh?
by AcheNot June 01, 2019
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