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A guy that has a big and enormous nappy that he has
Jack has a Big YY
by Bomomodickson November 30, 2017
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Acronym for "yeah, why?"
Laura texted David if he was busy right now. David replied with a "YY?"/
by Shvu Besheket September 18, 2018
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An extremely sad emoticon, being a combination of both v.v and T-T. Depicts utter hopelessness and sadness.
(P1): Oh my god I lost my lv 99 sword! I saved so hard for that!
(P2): Y-Y I feel you bro
(P1): Y-Y I'll never get anything like it
by CyrinPlays October 01, 2016
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acronym for "you must be pretty proud of yourself"
Sean: "I got an A on the test balla."
Jeremy: "YY"
by MarjoryStewartBaxter July 23, 2005
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Imitated or copied.

Chinese knock offs that steal your IP almost exactly.
You’re not legit till you get YYed.
by Workinlocal July 14, 2018
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YikYak; a smartphone app in which you can chat with people around you anonymously. It's popular in college areas especially in the US.
"How's your summer class going?"
"It's so boring. I'm there on YY must of the time"
"What's YY?"
"YikYak, you don't know it? Go and check it out it's worth trying"
by AxMan(>|<) July 22, 2015
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