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A place filled with magical wonders. This resturant creates great Mexican food, but causes intense bowel movements shortly after consumption of the food.
Baldos is awesome, but it should make the chairs toilets, so you can crap and eat at the same time.
by xyz467 April 25, 2010
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A really really bald fat kid with short brown balding hair and a muscular build with broad shoulders. Baldo is used as an insult, you do not have to fit the description to be called baldo.
someone who is balding and fat. He defacates on the toilet and talks on the phone. He cusses at his diarrhea.
by Andy August 31, 2004
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Baldo: A word to call a bald man, also meant to be joked as where's Waldo, Where's Baldo?
"Oi, look, there's a Baldo guy over there,

"Where's Baldo"
by Mr MacDonald October 12, 2019
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knickname for a bald-headed man. it is usually an insult.
Why does baldo have to lie in front of us deflecting all of the sunlight so we can't get any rays.
by Valinda November 01, 2006
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Verb: when sharing a water bottle with someone who puts the entire head into there mouth and when it's removed spit and drewl comes out with it.
Omg it was so disgusting I'm never sharing a drink with him again he completely baldoed all over it.
by tooDanish June 16, 2015
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Baldo is the funniest guy. But he will not laugh outside, he enjoys it from inside.
He rarely laughs but when he does its the most genuine laughter in the world.
WTF,Baldo laughed he never does that.
by Hadrian faber July 08, 2019
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