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The past tense of the verb fuck. Also used to express a general state of incapability.
We are so fuct!

She fuct me like a dog in heat!

That's fuct up!

(Rural definition) Hey maw, I just fuct yer best frind.
by Charlie White January 27, 2003

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1) A person who can take The Whole Ten Yards during fellatio.
2) The porn alter-ego of Spideman's nemesis.
Metrosexual usage: "She is a real Knob Goblin. She took The Whole Ten Yards and then some."

Rural usage: "Damn boy, whoooeee! That Knob Goblin sure smoked The Whole Ten Yards and good!"

Comic book usage: "Spidey sure didn't stand a chance against the Knob Goblin. His weapons are fierce!"
by Charlie White October 13, 2004

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1) Phallic reference in terms of length, girth.
2) A pointless, yet harmless 2004 movie starring two of Hollywood's most overpaid: Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry.
Rural usage: "Damn boy, if you giv her the whole ten yards, she is gonna be fuct!"
Metrosexual usage: "Me and my homies are gonna give her the whole ten yards and she's gonna think I am a prophet like Balzac."
by Charlie White October 13, 2004

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1. noun, A hot and heavy pursuit of nefarious activity.
2. proper noun, A name for someone who is about to committ said busty activity.
NOTE: This is the most versatile phrase or word in the UrbanDictionary. It can be used to describe such nefarious acts such as having sex, taking drugs or other acts that many in society may look down upon a person for. Committing such acts has been known to bring about paranoia in those with a guilty conscience and extreme pleasure in those without. This can also be used in general as 'a bust', as in "Let's go out a create a bust." One other use the adjective form which is 'busty', as in "That plan sounds a little busty."
1. That plan of Tyrone's is the bust. He is gonna get caught fo' shizzle my nizzle.
2. Man, that guy is The Bust! He has DEA written all over him. Stay away from him.
by Charlie White May 13, 2003

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Little urban action figures which are sold in gumball machines in fine restaurants. They come in different series, with the most recent series featuring the addition of bobble-heads.
Do you have fifty cents? I would really like some homies.
by Charlie White April 08, 2003

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