Jul 23
Coloquial frase used by Puertoricans said to someone that should just call it quits.
“Man, my fucking work is gonna kill me.”
“Then Ricky Renuncia to it dude!”
by PRhatesU July 22, 2019
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Jul 22
To discard an item at a high velocity
Alex finishes his soda and proceeds to yeet his empty can into a trash bin

Alex (while throwing the can): “YEET!”
by Le anonymous April 22, 2018
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Jul 21
Charging an exorbitent interest rate for borrowed money. Considered a criminal act in many countries.
Chase Bank recently raised it's interest rate on credit cards to 32.24%. This is usury at its finest.
by Mark275 March 20, 2007
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Jul 20
The meaning is legit from a song called Kawoula Biov by Daavi Neba and Patapaa who are Ghanaians. The phrase “sco pa tu manaa” was said by Patapaa in the song which is literally Ghanaian gibberish. It was given a meaning by twitter users “what’s on your mind” or what’s your opinion on a topic.
On twitter when an image is posted with the caption “Sco pa tu manaa” they’re asking for your opinion on the image or what’s on your mind when you see the image.
by Safyre__ July 16, 2019
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Jul 18
A super cool person who basically famous on Instagram and is basically a bad bitch. An insta baddie rarely smiles because they are that cool. Their posts consist of mainly selfies or mirror selfies with cool sunglasses or with a drink consisting of a straw in their mouth
That girl is such an insta baddie!
Your post from yesterday is so insta baddie.
by instabaddie June 22, 2018
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Jul 17
A place where the military is hiding all of those spacey bois. Will shoot you on sight if you get close.
Person 1: I tried walking into Area 51
Person 2: But why though?
Person 1: To see the spacey bois
Person 2: Did you get to see them?
Person 1: No, I was almost shot.
Person 2: What the
via giphy
by F.B.I Director May 05, 2019
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